The Ramblr Project is a not-for-profit movement dedicated to creating a community for you to share, connect and learn about your mental health. 

Now more than ever, the connections we make are no longer face to face but have been replaced by a more virtual alternative. Social media programs, such as Instagram, have placed a significant amount of pressure based on the image you present. This encourages the misconception that struggle isn’t normal, as well as, only a few people struggle with their mental health. We hope that by creating the Ramblr Project, we can begin to promote the more accurate reality that everyone deals with, and at times struggle with, their mental health.        


The Ramblr Project produces content that finds you. By producing relatable content and placing it into mainstream social media platforms, we have created a movement in the streets. A movement with a purpose that you can relate to. So when you see support in such a commonplace, you feel connected. Most importantly, you feel supported. We conduct personal interviews, film informational videos, speak at events and participate in the mental health community. 


We put ourselves out there and we share our stories with the intention of making others feel heard, understood and supported. We do this by creating a community of people who share their personal stories. Starting with one person opening up and sharing their experience, the Ramblr Project has been able to create a community that provides a new perspective on being open and candid about struggles with mental health. we have created a hub for “mental health” conversation.  The more perspectives and stories available in the mainstream media, the more likely the chance of finding an experience, a story or a person you resonate with. Our goal is to help you connect, learn and take the next step in your life. Even when you aren’t intentionally looking for it, we hope that our organization, and all that it entails, find you. 


By providing an outlet for individuals from all social circles and demographics to share their personal stories, we hope to create an all-encompassing platform that promotes resilience, fight and understanding.


Welcome to The Ramblr Project.

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