Medicate or Meditate

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Medicate or Meditate

 Allison Liss

What if there is nothing wrong with you? What if you are perfect exactly the way you are?

Meditation is a technique that helps to purify our mental sufferings allowing us to experience our true nature, that of peace, acceptance and love. The goal is not to rid ourselves of our mental suffering necessarily, but to integrate these shadows using techniques that allow us to live in harmony with them.

To understand how this is possible one must experience with complete awareness exactly how powerful and distorted thoughts are. This awareness is the tool used to release ourselves from the hold the mind has on us.

Initially we are under the impression that we have a mind that we control. It appears to us that we are having thoughts that we have consciously generated. Although its true that we are capable of such active thinking, typically, these are not the thoughts that we experience most of the time. It is the unsolicited thoughts that we become highly identified with. It is not the thoughts themselves that are so powerful and controlling but it is our attention and attachment to them that causes us severe and sometimes, debilitating problems.

Meditation is not concerned with the ability to stop or eliminate thoughts but rather with the training of our focus to turn our attention away from thought.

Meditators who have experienced the evidence of personal transformation resulting from their practice are spreading the word as fast as the can and the results are noticeable. This is impressive on some level because this ground swell is strictly organic; suggesting it works.

The mind never shuts off. It is continually running various narratives over and over. This is the same for all humans. For some people, these thoughts are more troublesome than for others. There is an extremely popular misconception that meditators manage to stop these thoughts, thereby escaping their grip and influence. Although there is a level of meditation I have reached where all

thoughts to cease to exist, I have come to realize that achieving that state is not the purpose of meditation at all.

Meditation practice develops the ability to turn your attention away from thoughts. As a meditator you can remain detached from your thoughts and emotions, creating a space between you and “them” that allows you to experience and express them, while remaining equanimous. This space also allows for a certain clarity of mind to develop and one’s intuition sharpens.

If you are interested in the scientific studies, proving why what I have described is possible, you can read more on this subject than almost any other. Since we have had little success treating mental illness the question is obvious. Knowing what we know about the effects of meditation on the human psyche why is this not the preferred method of treatment? Could it be because no one has put it through the test as a treatment in any reliable way? How can this be? There is no downside. There are no negative side effects, and the positive ones are numerous. Lower blood pressure, less stress, improved concentration, improved sleep and better immune function, to name just a few. Its one of the biggest human debacles of all time to have this information, this proof of how to live a more peaceful existence, control anxiety and depression and yet its not just under used and under valued but its non existent and seems to be ignored by those that have the power and the responsibility to implement these breakthroughs.

There are many different styles of meditation and 15 years ago I made it my mission to deep dive into the practice and experiment with finding the “holy grail” of meditation. To me it would have to be practical, efficient, simple and most of all yield the most noticeable results. I discovered a few important things to note about meditation to make sure you receive the full benefits.

For Best Results.

1. Meditation is best done indoors. We are made up of energy, and because of this it is best to be in a contained environment, the smaller the better. There is no harm whatsoever to meditating outside, however outdoors lends itself more for mindfulness practices, being present and immersion in nature, all important for our growth, but not to be confused with meditation

2. Meditation is best done in silence. Sounds, music, soothing voices are forms of mindfulness, but in order to hear the soul speak its best done in silence. Famous philosopher, Blaise Pascal….” all mans problems stem from his inability to alone in a room in silence” Something very powerful stirs us when we are faced with silence and left without distraction. Silence is a necessary part of meditation.

3. Sit with an erect spine. You can position yourself in a chair, on a couch or a cushion on the floor. Do not lie down as you want to be careful that you do not fall asleep.

4. Hands can be resting anywhere that you find comfortable. Some meditators have different positions they use for their hands called mudras. Mudras alter the flow of energy through your acupuncture system. Your acupuncture meridians either begin or end in your hands or feet. When you change the position of your hands and fingers, you alter the energy in your body.

5. Eyelids are closed, but your gaze is on the emptiness behind the lids. This is a restful place for the eyes that does take a bit of getting used to.

My purpose is to help guide people through a 30 minute mediation that I have developed as a result of my years of practice and practical research to determine the most practical and effective approach to achieving real results. These techniques I used on myself and have been presenting them to other people for several years now and the results are substantial and, in some ways, shocking.

Please join me and allow me to guide you through a simple three phase technique that will help you not only manage your mental activity but reduce any negative effects you are experiencing with them.


Join me every Monday for 30 min. at 11 am for guidance through her meditation technique.

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