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Medicate or Meditate

Medicate or Meditate  Allison Liss What if there is nothing wrong with you? What if you are perfect exactly the way you are? Meditation is a technique that helps to purify our mental sufferings allowing us to experience our true nature, that of peace, acceptance and love. The goal is not to rid ourselves of our mental suffering necessarily, but to integrate these shadows using techniques that allow us to live in harmony with them. To understand how this is possible one must experience with complete awareness exactly how powerful and distorted thoughts are. This awareness is the tool used to release ourselves from the hold the mind has on us. Initially we are under the impression that we have...

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Moment Of Truth

  By: Omar Masri June 28th, 2020   I live for the feeling of watching a movie, interview or even listening to a podcast, where a scene, an anecdote or an explanation somehow summarizes who you are as person better than you have ever been able to do before yourself. This doesn’t mean you two are the same person or have the same external factors driving these feelings, but rather it seems you’re both processing the world the same way. Within this relatability, there is some strange level of comfort in knowing that it truly isn’t just you. To give you a little bit of an idea of who I am, I’ve personally had this feeling from listening to people...

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